This image is minecraft snapshot 21w41a

Minecraft 1.18 : Snapshot 21w41a

This week, the snapshot 21w41a of the version 1.18 of Minecraft is now available in your launcher. This one increases the random number used for the world generation, which creates more different seeds. So the worlds are different in this snapshot.

Additions and changes:

  • The Badlands mine shafts got in the way higher up.
  • Amethyst geodes only got in the way below layer 30. Their rarity has been adjusted to match 1.17.
  • The angle at which sprinting against a block does not interrupt the acceleration has been slightly increased.


  • Changed the priority order of the chunk rendering pipeline.
  • Unrendered holes in the world should no longer appear on fast flights with high render distance.
  • Server classes are now signed.
  • New random number generator for Overworld generation


The various corrections made with snapshot 21w41a:

[MC-118134] - The texture of the frame as an object uses the texture of the oak boards
[MC-137950] - The textures of the signs do not match the real texture for their handle.
[MC-142385] - Campfire texture expands by one pixel in the hotbar outline.
[MC-148182] - Zombie villager "profession" texture uses pixels of the villager's skin color.
[MC-152506] - Wither's projectile has faces with an old texture
[MC-160256] - The texture of the doors as an object does not match the blocks.
[MC-166508] - Faulty chunk rendering since pre-release 2 of 1.15
[MC-173339] - Basic texture of lit comparators is incorrect
[MC-203155] - Enchantment table interface uses an old lapis texture.
[MC-225949] - Parity issue: different textures for sign objects on Bedrock and Java.
[MC-227398] - Pixel misplaced on cave creeper texture
[MC-230302] - Two pixels missing from the glow frame object texture.
[MC-236620] - Nether biomes are not generated correctly
[MC-236650] - Minecraft in 1.18 has 2^48 seeds instead of 2^64.
[MC-237330] - Worlds created with "REDApRES" (0) seed crash when trying to load new 1.18 mountain biomes / java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "dfw.a(double, double, double)" because "this.a" is null
[MC-237457] - "Snowy Slopes" biome no longer generates the stone cliff feature from experimental snapshots.
[MC-238003] - The rock in the Jagged Peaks biome is still covered with snow blocks.
[MC-238561] - Axolotls cannot appear at all in lush caves (recurrence of MC-218701).
[MC-238661] - InhabitedTime/Local Difficulty does not increase

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