Mowzie’s Mobs


Mowzie’s Mobs 1.16.5 focuses on the generation of fantastic hostile creatures and bosses. Each of these creatures will be generated in a specific biome, have unique artificial intelligence, unique abilities, unique environmental and atmospheric suitability and spectacular animations.

At the moment the mod will be able to generate up to eight new entities, four more than in its previous version. These entities are the Foliaath, Ferrous Wroughtnaut, Barakoa and Barako the Sun Chief, from previous versions, and the Frostmaw, Grottol, Lantern and Naga added to this new version.

The Naga can be found in coastal cliffs. The Lantern in the roofed forests biome. We will be able to meet Grottol in caves and ravines. We will find Frostmaw in cold and icy biomes. The Barakoa and their bosses, the Barako the Sun Chief, can be found in the Savannah biome. Ferrous Wroughtnaut can be found in a new dungeon added by the mod, and Foliaath in the jungle biome.

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