NoCubes Mod

NoCubes Mod 1.18.1

NoCubes is a rather special mod that was originally developed by Click_Me and then recreated from scratch by Cadiboo for the latest versions of Minecraft. The goal of the mod is to completely transform and improve the terrain of Minecraft by removing the cube effect that we have known so well for years. The landscapes will now be smooth and undulating, the mountains and landscapes will be more realistic, the caves will have a circular appearance etc..

About No Cubes

NoCubes adds an exceptional touch to normal Minecraft gameplay and is the first mod in Minecraft history to completely transform and enhance Minecraft terrain. It radically transforms the traditional Minecraft terrain into smooth, rolling landscapes with circular caves, mountain ranges, and stunningly realistic landscapes, while leaving your carefully designed buildings intact


The mod is fully compatible with the multiplayer mode, so you can venture out and enjoy the experience of re-exploring all that the abundant Minecraft landscape has to offer in the company of your friends. In addition, the mod has an infinite range of customizable options that the player can modify as he or she pleases to get the perfect experience. NoCubes is compatible with other mods, including BetterFoliage, OptiFine, Dynamic Lights and Shaders, so you can see Minecraft in all its glory.


NoCubes does all its modifications without affecting your FPS in the least. It’s also so optimized that, when used on certain configurations, it’s faster than the Minecraft Vanilla rendering system. Finally, it works in a way that doesn’t really change the way the game works. The blocks, even though their appearance and collisions have been changed, are still basically square. The mod simply allows existing cubes to have more polygons in a way that makes sense for their environment.


At first glance, the world may seem to have been radically changed, but this strange new world actually looks quite similar once you’ve explored it a bit. After traveling around your world for a while, you’ll realize that the landscape you’re in is still the same familiar landscape you know and love. And, although the ground is smoother and the trees are rounder, the magical and unique way the world unfolds, generates, and interacts with you has not changed.

That’s not all this mod has in store, with even more mod compatibility, texture blending, even more performance optimizations, branch and tree trunk adjustments, placement previews, 3d minimaps, community configuration presets, higher resolution renders, more translations and more renders, all of which are in the works and should be added in a future update.

  • Author : Cadiboo
  • Minecraft version : 1.18.1
  • Mod version : 0.5.0
  • Minecraft API : Forge

Download NoCubes Mod 1.18.1

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NoCubes Mod 1.18.1 for 16, 2022Download page
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