Novik Texture Pack

Novik texture pack adjusts the textures of some blocks and elements in Minecraft without obstructing that style or feeling of vanilla experience.


  • Slightly rounded registers and stripped registers.
  • Different look of Diorite and Polished Diorite that matches better with other stone types.
  • Several connected and overlapping textures for blocks (Optifine only).
  • New textures for Notebooks representing boxes.
  • Special textures for Notebooks with different instrument data (also known as specific blocks)
  • New textures for various types of glass.
  • Special textures (Optifine only) for items!

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Download Novik Texture Pack

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Novik Texture Pack for 1.13.x/1.14.x/1.15.x/1.16-Snapshot0.1.1April 7, 2020Download page
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