Pandonis Realistics Texture Pack

With a 256x resolution, Pandonis Realistics is true to its name. This Texture Pack of Pandonis takes advantage of this high resolution to put the focus on realism, by insufflating a very large quantity of details.

This realism, therefore, comes from the prodigious amount of details provided by Pandonis Realistics. It’s simple, he thought of everything. Nothing is left to chance and the level of precision of the textures of the building blocks shows it well. The pack manages to find the right balance, falling neither into rusticity nor too smooth textures.

But it is at the level of the organic blocks that Pandonis Realistic hits its biggest blow. In addition to detailing the textures as much as the 256x allows (i.e. a lot), the pack makes full use of the 3D that is made available to it. Plants thus have much more natural and realistic shapes. So much so that the pack doubles as an organic dimension quite marked. The objective is to make the pack come alive. And it’s perfectly filled: the shapes and textures of these blocks give the impression of being in front of real plants, a real tour de force in Minecraft.

In terms of colors, Pandonis Realistics relies on a rather vivid range, without taking anything away from the realism it builds. These bright colors focus on the natural blocks, whose quality is thus enhanced.


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Pandonis Realistics Texture Pack for 2, 2020Download page
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