Pollution of the Realms Mod

Pollution of the Realms

Pollution of the Realms 1.16.4 and 1.16.5 focuses on adding concepts such as carbon emissions and sulfur emissions to our Minecraft worlds. With this mod installed we will have to control how our activity affects the environment around us, otherwise we, our animals and plants will suffer the consequences of living in a polluted world.

These emissions will be produced by torches, ovens, lava, fire, explosions, vehicles, machines, animals and players. Our object will be to neutralize the polluting emissions in our daily activities without having to abandon our productive processes and without neglecting our evolution. We will be able to do this by means of ventilation and fume extraction systems.

If we live in a polluted world, without any kind of control, the animals will be born with a very reduced standard of living, while in the most serious cases the players may even die of asphyxiation. Another effect of pollution will be acid rain, which will obviously cause damage. We will also have to be careful with the explosive subway gas pockets generated by this mod.

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Pollution of the Realms for 1.16.5/ 21, 2021Download page
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