Simplex Terrain Generation Mod

Simplex Terrain Generation is a mod that allows you to modify and control the generation of your Minecraft world. Via its configuration file which is quite advanced, you will be able to create worlds with a realistic or totally oversized aspect. Of course, if you’re not the type to spend time changing parameters, the author provides “presets” that you can simply put on and enjoy your new world.

List of presets

The Simplex Terrain generation uses a height between 256 and 0. This height is used to realistically place blocks and biomes. The biomes are placed in 7 separate “regions” to make the terrain more natural. Here is a list of these regions:

  • Y0 – Y29: All deep ocean variants
  • Y30 – Y60 : All ocean variants
  • Y63 – Y66: Range

From Y67 onwards, the biome generation is divided into 4 different regions according to height (Y67 – Y90, Y91 – Y140, Y141 – Y190, Y191 – Y256). Biomes can vary, but generally become colder as the height increases.

Download Simplex Terrain Generation Mod

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Simplex Terrain Generation Mod for 1.16-Snapshot0.5.1February 19, 2020Download page
Simplex Terrain Generation Mod for 28, 2019Download page
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