Snapshot 8b for future combat update

Since the release of the 1.16 almost two months ago Jeb_ releases new updates dedicated to the improvement of pvp in Minecraft and in particular to unify the system whether on Java or Bedrock. While the snapshot 7c was released just a week ago, here is the new snapshot which mainly adjusts last week’s features. Also Jeb_ says in his post Reddit “I think we’re getting somewhere”.

Which makes a comeback on snapshot 8b

  • The feature that prevented the player from eating when touched (by a player or a creature) has been restored and also applies when the player drinks something.
  • The fatigue associated with the bow when it is stretched too long also returns, but does not begin until 3 seconds after the bow is stretched.

Adjusted features

  • Weapon enchantments are now included in the damage calculation when the game needs to calculate the effect of potions and critical hits.
  • Level 1 or 2 force effect adds +20% and +40% more damage, respectively
  • Instant effects on arrows with potion effects are now scaled 1/8 like the duration of other effects
  • Instant healing potions give 3 hearts (6 health points), previously it was only 2 hearts.
  • The cleaving enchantment gives more extra damage for all levels.
    • Cleaving I: 2 points of damage (against 1 before)
    • Cleaving II: 3 points of damage (compared to 2 before)
    • Cleaving III: 4 points of damage (compared to 3 before)
  • Liquid” food (soups, honey and milk) are eaten faster (20 ticks instead of 32 or 40 ticks dividing by 2)
  • Potions can be consumed more quickly (20 ticks compared to 32 ticks previously)

Bug correction

  • The bows are corrected
  • Shield protection is corrected
  • The calculation of the server-side attack distance has been reworked, indicating less false failures but more work needs to be done according to Jeb_.

Moreover, if you want to contribute to this future update of the fight, you can write (in English) either on the Reddit post, or on the official Minecraft website (requiring a Microsoft account) :

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