StoryLabs [Map]

In these times of national confinement, it’s sometimes good to find yourself in front of your computer and start finding adventure maps that you can have a lot of fun on and it’s even better if they’re in French! Today, we make you discover StoryLabs in the hope that you will love it.

In StoryLabs, you are a young forensic scientist on a mission to find a cure for a potentially dangerous virus. You are sent to the underground of a city you will visit later and discover that there is no cure. Your final mission will be to try to survive while trying to find out who’s behind it all before returning to base.

The first map created by the TWM Company, StoryLabs is no less good. Indeed, it’s through a crazy adventure punctuated by many quality puzzles that this map will manage to conquer you, but also and above all thanks to a mastery of the control blocks and particular care in the realization of this one which is felt all along.

As far as the scenery is concerned, they are partly inspired by Resident Evil and are neither miraculous nor horrible, in fact, they fit perfectly with the universe that is created and are enough to give an atmosphere and an overall tone to the whole. In fact, one is even quickly intrigued and eager to find out what is going to happen as the immersion is so successful. The puzzles are not impossible to solve either, which is a very good point and solving them gives a feeling of satisfaction.

In short, StoryLabs is an excellent map to pass the time and will amaze you at all levels, from the beginning to the end of the adventure. What are you waiting for to download it?

  • Author: Mystixxx & TheWolf8
  • Minecraft Version: 1.15.1
  • Map Type : Adventure / Puzzle

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