End: Reborn

End: Reborn Mod

End: Reborn 1.16.5 focuses on expanding the options that the End dimension can offer by adding ...
Portable Holes

Portable Holes Mod

Mod will add a portal to Mintcraft, and they work randomly - just move the player in the direction


A quality mod designed for exploration, resource extraction and survival.
The Abyss: Chapter II

Abyss Chapter 2

The Abyss: Chapter II mod - adds a very cool and extremely atmospheric and worked out dimension in M

Relics Mod

Relics is a small mod for Minecraft that adds more than 25 discoverable relic
Fantasy Mounts Mod

Fantasy Mounts

Fantasy Mounts 1.16.5 is a mod that focuses on the natural generation of unicorns.
Wizard Staff

Wizard Staff

Wizard Staff mod with which you can be a magician in Minecraft

Lost Trinkets

To effectively use all available tools and try to succeed, we recommend that you pay attention...