Extractures is a mod for that introduces some of the most interesting ruins and locations

Zombie Extreme

Zombie Extreme is a mod that adds a biome called Dead Sand that has a gloomy appearance, structures.
Apple Trees Revived

Apple Trees

Apple Trees Revived is a mod that will allow us, once again, to get apples from Minecraft trees...

Yung’s Better Portals

Yung's Better Portals aims to reinvent this portal system and adds difficulty to the game.


Ecotones is a mod for Minecraft that reworks and adds different biomes trying to establish ...
Unearthed Mod

Unearthed Mod

Unearthed 1.16.5 is a mod that modifies terrain generation to add more than twenty new rock types

Treemendous 1.16.5

Treemendous 1.16.5 is a mod that is responsible for adding new tree variants to Minecraft's ...
When Dungeons Arise

When Dungeons Arise

When Dungeons Arise mod randomly generates in your world many dungeons where you can adventure...