The Easiest Map In The World: Reboot

Version 1.16 of Minecraft is fast approaching and several adventure maps are already being released in some snapshots. This is the case of The Easiest Map In The World, created by Henzoid. Even if the map looks easy at first glance, as its title indicates, don’t get me wrong! Many challenges await you, in a wide variety of fields! Minigames, courses, puzzles, and quests will be on offer, with each of the four branches divided into three events.

Each category will require you to complete all three levels. Progress will be visible in the main room, where players can monitor their progress on the map. Now it’s up to you to discover and test your abilities in a variety of fun and entertaining events! The map may be simple, but there are some challenges that will make it difficult to complete, so you’ll need to be quick and resourceful to overcome them!

This map is still light, however, and can be done fairly quickly. It will only take an hour or two to complete!

Some information and rules will, however, be necessary to respect to play on this map:

  • Playable only solo
  • The particles must be activated
  • Sounds must be activated
  • The resource pack is included in the map
  • Author: Henzoid
  • Minecraft Version: 1.16 (Snapshot 20w15a)
  • Map Type : Adventure – Solo

Download The Easiest Map In The World: Reboot

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
The Easiest Map In The World: Reboot for 1.16 Snapshot 20w15aApril 9, 2020Download page
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