Traveler’s Index 1.16.4

Traveler’s Index

Traveler’s Index 1.16.4 is a mod that adds a new type of book, although in this case it has nothing to do with enchantments or reading. The book in question, called Traveler’s Index, works as a record of all the blocks and objects in the game that we have already obtained, and which ones we have not.

In this book we will be able to see all the default blocks, or those added by any mod, that we have obtained and which ones we have yet to obtain. In addition, in this book we can also see a record of all the mods we have installed and how many blocks and objects belong to each of them.

The book that this mod offers us cannot be made by the players, nor found anywhere. After installing the mod, start a game and press “Esc” to pause the game. In this menu, on the right, a new icon will appear, giving access to the logbook of this mod.

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