Unnatural State Texture Pack

Unnatural State a package of textures that goes towards the least natural possible, we would even dare to say; Destined to portray the future.

This unusual theme of pure 64x pixels, changes the blocks in a radical way, which makes it a texture pack you will take time to get used to, an example is the “Slime” mob, when you have seen a skull inside a slime? that makes it a very special pack with a futuristic touch.

Last update:

  • Cake
  • Birch door icon
  • Jungle Gate Icon
  • Dark oak door icon
  • Clay icon + feather icon
  • New iron ingot icon
  • New gold bar icon.
  • New flint icon
  • New blaze icon
  • Concrete blocks
  • Bone Icon
  • Spider eye icon
  • Charcoal icon
  • Flame dust icon
  • Gunpowder Icon
  • Chain icon
  • Sugar Icon
  • Arrow Icon
  • Bat
  • Blaze
  • Concrete dust
  • Wheat
  • Persistent Potion
  • Red stone dust icon
  • Gold Nugget Icon
  • Iron Seed Icon
  • Ghast
  • Zombie
  • Peony
  • Lila
  • Gold tools
    Flint and steel retouched icon.
    Adjusted background options
    Retouched iron door.

Download Unnatural State Texture Pack

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Unnatural State Texture Pack for 28, 2020Download page
Unnatural State Texture Pack for 1, 2019Download page
Unnatural State Texture Pack for 1.121.12March 24, 2017Download page
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