Useful Wands [1.14] Datapack

With Useful Wands, HauntedCorpse offers you to expand your toolbox with a collection of sticks. All of them have a purpose, from fighting to building to exploring. These kinds of sceptres have a high cost, but an unlimited number of uses, which makes them very profitable to make.

To begin, make the table you will use to create your sticks. To do this, throw a Wandy Bench Modifier on an enchantment table. This component is itself obtained by throwing together 4 iron nuggets, 4 lapis lazuli and a gold nugget.

Once you’ve obtained the table, you’ll be able to crawl your sticks directly into its interface, just like a classic crafting table. It is also on this table that you will be able to craft Magicoal, which will feed your sticks every time you use them, as well as Magic Cores I & II, components that go into the making of most sticks.

In the end, you will be able to create the sticks below. All of them send a projectile that can travel up to 32 blocks.

  • Torch Wand: Place a torch.
  • Water Wand: Places water.
  • Fire Wand: If the target is a block, create fire. If it’s a mod, ignites it directly.
  • Freezer Wand : freezes a block or a mob for 6 seconds.
  • Builder Wand: Places wooden blocks and their derivatives in your secondary hand.
  • Breaker Wand : Destroys the target block.
  • Ender Wand : Teleports the user to the target.
  • Exploding Cat Wand : throws an explosive cat.
  • Chest Mover Wand : Moves the chests.
  • Block Painter Wand : Colors a block that can be colored (wool, concrete…) in the color of the pigment in your secondary hand. The use of this stick does not consume Magicoal.
  • Transmutation Wand: changes the type of block in a 5x5x5 block space. For example, oak boards will become birch boards, etc.



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