FPS Reducer Mod

FPS Reducer aims to reduce unnecessary load on the graphics card as well as the processor by automat

Nostalgia Shader Mod

Nostalgia Shader takes its inspiration from SEUS and Chocapic while adding new features and visual e
Windom Shaders 1.16.4

Windom Shaders

Mincraft shaders for fashionable look and high performance.

Pushable Tile Entities

This mod allows you to extend chests and other sheet objects in vanilla Java Minecraft.

Tunnel Bores

A new mod that creates tunnel holes: big machines that drill the very essence of the world!

Pigman Panic

Like some popular mods, this mod makes the pygmies jealously guard their quartz ore.

Trigger the Music!

A Minecraft mod that adds custom music based on the situation.

Vanilla Seasons Data Pack

A mod that adds four seasons to Minecraft: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


This mod intends to create an execution of the game sburb, (from the webcomic homestuck) in minecraf