Villager Names Mod

With this mod, the villagers already have a name.

Villager Names 1.15.2/1.14.4 is a mod that adds real names to the villagers, which as you know, by default have no names. The mod has a list of over 5000 real names available, which will be given to each villager at random.

These randomly generated names will appear above the heads of the villagers when they are pointed at with the cross, or point of view, of our character. The name of the villager will also appear in his own inventory when we’re trading with him, as well as the profession of each villager we’re trying to trade with.

_useCustomNames (default = false): Use the custom name list, editable in ./mods/villagernames/customnames.txt, seperated by a comma.
_useFemaleNames (default = true): Use the list of female names when naming villagers.
_useMaleNames (default = true): Use the list of male names when naming villagers.

How to install Villager Names Mod

  • Download Minecraft Forge
  • Download Villager Names Mod
  • Double click on the downloaded Forge file to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded mod file into .minecraft/mods
  • Over 5,000 real names for each of the Minecraft villagers!

Download Villager Names Mod

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Villager Names Mod for 12, 2020Download page
Villager Names Mod for 12, 2020Download page
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