Water Strainer Mod

Water Strainer Mod adds the ability to filter water for common resources.
A strainer captures general items (such as sand, gravel, sticks, clay, …) while in the water.
They are breakable but can be built with different materials to increase their durability.
The idea is to get some common resources while you are busy with something else.
The height/flow of the water and the type of biome will influence efficiency.

How to begin:

  • Craft a strainer base
  • Craft any type of strainer.
  • Place the strainer base inside a pool of water (the base needs water on top).
  • Put your strainer into the base.

The strainer will now filter the water for products. The list of products depends on the strainer type.
Products can be placed and drawn out from the bottom part of the Strainer Base.


For more information visit the MinecraftForum thread.

Download Water Strainer Mod

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Water Strainer Mod for 1, 2020Download page
Water Strainer Mod for 20, 2020Download page
Water Strainer Mod for 2, 2019Download page
Water Strainer Mod for 4, 2017Download page
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