Xray Ultimate [Texture Pack]

Xray Ultimate 1.16-Snapshot is a quite peculiar and different texture package from the rest, as it does not aim to change the look of our worlds to give them a more realistic, soft, colorful, cartoonish, or beautiful touch in short.

This texture pack is created to allow the player to find important mineral resources for every Minecraft miner, without having to use mods like X-Ray. Simply activate the texture pack from the Minecraft menu as you would for any other pack and start finding minerals.

How to install Xray Ultimate Texture Pack

  • Download Optifine
  • Download Xray Ultimate
  • Open the .minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  • Paste the downloaded file into resourcepacks.
  • Find mineral resources in Minecraft without using mods!

Download Xray Ultimate [Texture Pack]

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Xray Ultimate [Texture Pack] for 1.14.x/1.15.x/1.16-Snapshot3.5.4April 28, 2020Download page
Xray Ultimate [Texture Pack] for 1.14.x/1.15.x/1.16-Snapshot3.5.3March 12, 2020Download page
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