Jolicraft Texture Pack

Jolicraft 1.16, 1.15, and 1.14 is a texture package with a resolution of 16x, which will allow ..

NBTpack Texture Pack

NBTpack means "New Better Textures pack". Its goal is to add a bunch of alternative textures ...

Velvet Dreams Texture Pack

Velvet Dreams 1.15.x/1.14.x/1.12.x/1.11.x/  is a texture pack that combines soft and shiny textures

Wandering Isles Map

Wandering Isles 1.15/1.14 is a survival map where the terrain is not generated "more or less ...

Ores Above Diamonds [Mod]

Ores Above Diamonds is a mod that aims to add two new mineral resources to terrain generation ...

Chat Up! Mod

Simple client mod that raises in game chat by 10 pixels to improve visibility of armour hunches.

Dramatic Skys [Texture Pack]

Dramatic Skys is a texture package that's as spectacular as it is unusual since the only thing it ..