Wandering Isles Map

Wandering Isles 1.15/1.14 is a survival map where the terrain is not generated “more or less randomly” as in Minecraft by default but is a custom-made survival map with total dimensions of 5000 blocks long by 5000 blocks wide. The map is formed by a set of islands with varied biomes, although in the north we will find cold biomes and in the south, we will find warm biomes.

It is a completely customized map, from the biomes that appear, through the caves and until the structures that we found around the world have been placed there specifically by their creator. Some of these structures have been modified, for example, the temples of the desert, the posts of the looters, and the oceanic monuments, among others.

List of couple biomes located on a map:

  1. Snowy Tundra
  2. Pine Taiga forest
  3. Taiga Forest
  4. Taiga Cliffs
  5. Fantasy Forest
  6. Dense Forest
  7. Cliffs
  8. Dried Lush Forest
  9. Desert
  10. Badlands
  11. Coral Reef
  12. Jungle
  13. Vulcano
  14. Various types of mountains 🙂
  15. Swamplands

How to install Wandering Isles Map

  • Download Wandering Isles
  • Open .minecraft/saves folder
  • Decompress the downloaded file.
  • Paste the downloaded map into the “saves” folder.
  • It’s time to start a new survival adventure!

Download Wandering Isles Map

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Wandering Isles Map for 1.15-Snapshot/1.14.4October 17, 2019Download page
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