BetterVanillaBuilding [Texture Pack]

BetterVanillaBuilding!! is texture package is dedicated to the community you like to build. To help them adapt to the basic style of Minecraft Vanilla in more ways. The package offers improvements on certain blocks that are normally not well-styled.

BetterVanillaBuilding uses the connected textures of Optifine in a special way. By using block overlays we have made it possible for the player to place 2 different blocks next to each other and for both blocks to change their texture. For example, placing a type of table next to the shelves will change the color of the shelf and placing a mineral next to a stone will change the color of the stone in the mineral (think of diorite, andesite and granite). There are many more combinations of blocks that are explained in the discord.

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Download BetterVanillaBuilding [Texture Pack]

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
BetterVanillaBuilding [Texture Pack] for 1.15.x-1.16-Snapshot2.20April 10, 2020Download page
BetterVanillaBuilding [Texture Pack] for 1.15.x-1.16-Snapshot2.18March 21, 2020Download page
BetterVanillaBuilding [Texture Pack] for 1.14.x2.14.3January 3, 2020Download page
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