Under Olympus Map

Under Olympus Map

As an engineer, you have been in hibernation for eight months during your journey to Mars. Your objective now is to fix the malfunctioning systems and restore full operation to the Olympus base. This involves solving a variety of puzzles that will become increasingly challenging as you progress. Assistance will be provided by Dr. Watney once you arrive, but be cautious!, It is possible that the Olympus base is not as secure as it appears


  • An adventure map that is based on a story
  • There are unique game mechanics and items available
  • Custom textures, 3D models, and music;
  • Puzzles that become more difficult as you progress are challenging
  • Immersive dialogue system;
  • The length of gameplay varies greatly depending on your puzzle-solving abilities
  • You can either play on your own or with a group of up to four players.

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