NBTpack Texture Pack

Not all Texture Packs are on a mission to change the world. NBTpack, if it doesn’t change the face of Minecraft, nevertheless introduces quite substantial changes, intervening in all areas of Minecraft.

NBTpack means “New Better Textures pack”. Its goal is to add a bunch of alternative textures to the game to make it more successful. And there’s a lot of changes. First of all, it redesigns the game’s interfaces, to make them darker and more sober. In the same vein, it also modifies the buttons, symbols and HUD, with an overall goal of simplicity and ergonomics.

More concretely, NBTpack champions connected and alternative textures in the game, especially in the libraries, but also in the beds, mobs and plants. These alternative textures bring a little variety to the game, while remaining strictly faithful to Minecraft. With this in mind, NBTpack only requires a simple 16x resolution.

The pack also adds many small features that, put together, make the difference. The snow is more realistic, the player really wears his lantern, the tools see their appearance deteriorate with wear and tear… All these elements make Minecraft a more complete game.


It is strongly recommended to install Optifine to take full advantage of the Texture Pack.

  • Author : Devu
  • Minecraft Version: 1.15
  • Resolution: 16 x 16

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Download NBTpack Texture Pack

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
NBTpack Texture Pack for 1.15.x1.5April 9, 2020Download page
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