Betterlands v0.5.0 for 1.16.5

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  • Create Date June 3, 2021


- Added support for Forge 1.16.5!

- Added blocks: claystone tiles/tile stairs/tile slab, gilded red sandstone stairs/slab/wall

- Added recipes for the rest of terracotta tile colors

- Juniper berries can now be crafted into white dyes

- Badland bushes and dead bushes can now serve as fuel, with 120 burn time

- [Change] Improved bone mealing for juniper sapling

- [Change] Retextured items: juniper berries, bighorn hide helmet, red sandstone brick

- [Change] Retextured plant: juniper sapling

- [Change] Changed recipe for gilded red sandstone bricks to use gold nuggets instead of ingots