Mapper Base v2.3.0.0 for 1.16.5

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  • Create Date December 2, 2020


  • Important: Forge 35.1.4 or newer is now required.
  • This build supports newer versions of Forge for Minecraft 1.16.4 while providing a few changes.


- updated to Forge 35.1.4 for Minecraft 1.16.4.
- add tags to raw bitumen for mod compatibility.
- added (partial) Russian language (credits to DrHesperus on Github).
- changed steel craft duration: it takes now longer to process iron into steel and costs more in fuel so other mods adding steel crafts with machines now have more interest.
- added bituminous coal (craft: one coal surrounded by 8 raw bitumen = 8 bituminous coal): this allows raw bitumen to be converted into fuel. 8 bituminous coals can smelt 10 items, which is a bit more than one coal.