World Blender v3.1.1 for 1.16.5

  • Version 3.1.1
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  • Create Date March 17, 2021

(V.3.1.1 Changes) (1.16.5 Minecraft)

- Will now do its best to remove blocks in invalid spots during worldgen and will try and remove all dropped items from newly made chunks from worldgen features breaking.
This means there will be a lot less floating blocks that shouldn't be floating! And possible better performance too.

- Enderdragon and its podium will now only be made in any world that is using World Blender's Biome Source.

- World Blender Portal block rendering is now optimized thanks to comp500! Special thanks to them!

- Added screen overlay when inside the portal block.

- Made biomes a bit bigger in World Blender's dimension.

- Fixed lang file for biome names so they show up translated properly in minimaps.