Rematch Map [1.15+]

PvP  is an indispensable mode for the sustainability of a game with a multiplayer scope. It’s a fact that since the dawn of time, human beings have always liked to confront others and prove that they are better in one area or another. A little put aside because of the updates aimed at combat, MCFilms proposes Rematch, with the will to propose a new way of approaching PvP.

The novelty comes from the separation of combat into three phases. The first one consists in looking for pieces in various environments chosen randomly. It is possible to obtain them by cultivating, fishing or mining various minerals. The second phase consists in spending these famous coins in the shops at your disposal, in order to equip you skillfully for the fight that will follow. Finally, the last phase is the long-awaited duel between you and your opponent.

Customization is therefore put forward a lot since it is what will also make the difference during your fights. It is thus necessary to skillfully manage your collection of coins, but also your expenses in order to take the upper hand during the battle. If you’re not very good at PvP, but your equipment is much better than your opponent’s, you’ll have a better chance of winning. Thus, the battle is now based not only on your ability to fight, but also on your ability to harvest and make strategic choices when buying.

I, therefore, invite you to discover Rematch by yourself and to form your own opinion on this concept by downloading the map via the link below. Of course, the map is only playable from 2 players, it would be unthinkable to play against yourself…

Download Rematch Map [1.15+]

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