Decoration and Furniture Mod

Decoration and Furniture

Decoration and Furniture 1.16.4 is a mod that will offer us the possibility of making a good amount of decorative elements for our houses. At the moment the mod allows you to make furniture, building blocks, decorative objects and Halloween items.

With this mod installed we will be able to make furniture such as basic tables, rustic tables, glass tables, basic chairs, wooden drawers, cabinets and stools. As for decoration, we can make desktop computers, the PlayStation 5, cardboard boxes, stacks of books, shelves, piles of minerals and bricks, water vases, candles and much more.

In the Halloween elements section we will be able to make variants of building blocks with spooky animations, new variants of pumpkins, various types of paper lanterns, hostile creature heads as candle holders and many more things that we encourage you to discover.

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Decoration and Furniture for 1.16.4March 24, 2021Download page
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