Advanced XRay 1.12.2 (v1.6.0)

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  • Create Date July 28, 2019

Advanced XRay // 1.12.2-1.6.0

Welcome to the next instalment of: How am I this bad at updating a mod. In this long overdue update we've fixed a load of things, added some QOL (quality of life) improvements as well as making the mod work again!

Note: I've tested this version as much as I can so if there are any issues please report them on my Github and I'll get them sorted as soon as I can.


  • Another completely new way of adding blocks. Instead of using the old broken id:meta system we're now storing blocks the correct way and using that data to find them in the world correctly. (THIS FIXED CHESTS! Yes I heard all of you cheaters :laugh:)
  • The main gui (where all your blocks are shown) is now a scrollable list!
    • Oh and you can also search in it! This makes it so much easier to find your blocks to turn them off and on.
    • And we actually remember the items order so you no longer have to keep re-finding the block (Sorry).
  • Blocks will not fade out as they get further away, this helps so much when you have a lot of blocks enabled (You can also disable the effect if you don't like it :cry:)
  • A lot of performance gains. It's still not 100% the best it can be but it's much better. We no longer support stone, grass and a few other blocks for performance reasons (this gains about 10FPS).
  • A new Help button to explain how to use the GUI and why some options do different things.
  • You can now scroll (mouse scroll) in the Gui block list list!
  • In-game config editing 👍 this is so nice to use
    • You can edit the outline thicken here
    • You can enable and disable the Xray Active in the top left
    • You can enable and disable the Fading Effect for blocks
  • We now store blocks in a blockStore.json in your config dir. This is future proofing for when I add support for per world sets.
  • When adding a block using add block you will see a warning on the add button telling you about the specific changes with states.


  • CHESTS! Yes you can now find chests again but a word to the wise would be to use the add block option and not the add looking at button.
  • A crash on reading configs
  • The render overlay causing an issue with the inventory hot bar.
  • Some odd render related crashes.


  • The main gui has been moved around a bit to support the new features 👍

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