Mechanization Texture Pack 1.15.2 (v2.2.2)

  • Version 2.2.2
  • File Size 0.00 KB
  • Create Date March 31, 2020
  • Updated to DU v2.1.3
  • Added more blocks the wrench can rotate
  • Added honey & honeycomb to compressor and decompresser
  • Equipment can now draw energy from armor in addition to the hotbar
  • Portable Batteries can now be added as an upgrade to armor
  • Decreased power cost of the flight upgrade
  • Decreased maintenance power on shield upgrade, but increased shield creation cost
  • Decreased default spawn rate of Copper and Tin- in my experience it was far too common
  • Slightly increased Titanium spawn rate
  • Fixed decompresser
  • Fixed quantum batteries
  • Fixed stone cutter
  • Fixed gray GUI textures

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