Styled Blocks 1.15.2 (v5.5)

  • Version 5.5
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  • Create Date April 28, 2020

mc1.15.2-5.5 [Apr-28-2020]
-DEV: Rebuilt against Forge-1.15.2-31.1.47 and carrotslib-mc1.15.2-2.5
-FIX: Regenerated blocksets so every base block has all expected derivatives
-ENH: Added completer pieces for all vanilla planks
-ENH: Mossy variants for wood planks: ghost lightwood and damp II wood tile
-ENH: Complete cracked variants of darkstone and lightstone blocksets
-NEW: Upright slabs (aka vertical slabs) as base derivative for all sets
-NEW: Green Slat Bamboo blockset (this is the base bamboo blockset now)
-NEW: The colorful "painted" cottage plank blocksets
-NEW: Two more stone-based shingle blocksets (niostone and darkstone)
-NEW: Wooden and cobblestone lattice blocks ( placement for now)
-NEW: Hardened Hardclay brick blocksets (regular & mossy) -- these are tough!
-NEW: Our take on a Warped Netherbrick derivative

more info...

Known issues
-Dedicated server + JEI (client side) => the card kit catalogs do
not show up in JEI item view. No clue why. Creative tabs (Search & mod's)
work just fine as does single player; go figure.

In progress (estimated date: 'before MC 1.16')
-Finished pavers and layering blocks (dirt,sand,leaves,cobble)
-Doors and more windowed (fancy) trapdoors
-Integration datapack with mod like Corail Wood Cutters
-Proper log pile block (should work like slabs not campfire block)
-More luv for retro dark prismarine (more styled blocks for underwater builds)
-Reworked Yandstone textures
-MC Dungeons style derivatives for a few blocks (seared, weathered, damp)
-CTM support whenever that mod shows up for 1.15+


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