The Endergetic Expansion 1.14.4

  • Version v1.2.5
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  • Create Date April 1, 2020


- Added Complete Puff Bugs

- Added new Ambiance Sounds to the Poise Forest

- Added some new Advancements for the Poise Forest

- Added Secret Booflo Skins

- Added Particles and Sounds to the Booflo Vest

- Added Poise Cluster entity ambient sounds

- Added Sound to Boof Block

- Bolloom Buds now destroy some blocks when opening and can now only be opened by Puff Bugs pollinating them


Fixed log spam with Bolloom Buds

- Fixed rare bug where the End Portal would stack, goes along with dragon spawning randomly

Improved Poise Cluster movement

- Improved Mob Spawns in the Poise Forest

- Eumus is slightly more common in the Poise Forest now; generate new chunks to get more

- Baby and Adolescent Booflos take no wall damage now

- Fixed Booflos despawning when giving birth

- Improved Timing of Booflo fruit eating

- Improved performance in some areas

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