WI Zoom 1.15.2 (v1.2-MC1.15.2)

  • Version 1.2-MC1.15.2
  • File Size 507.74 KB
  • Create Date April 9, 2020
  • Changed the mod ID from "wi-zoom" to "wi_zoom".
  • Fabric Loader will now show a proper error message and refuse to launch the game if you try to use both WI Zoom and Wurst. Previously the game would just crash.

(You don't need WI Zoom if you have Wurst. The zoom is already included in Wurst and having it twice will crash the game.)

  • Fixed the name of the Zoom keybind saying "key.wi-zoom.zoom". If you have changed your zoom keybind to a different key, you may need to change it again because the name has changed.
  • Fixed the mod info shown in Fabric Mod Menu.

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