Minecraft 1.15.2 : Pre-release available!

To start this new decade and year 2020, the pre-release of version 1.15.2 is now available. It fixes more bugs, including 2 from version 1.4 released more than 7 years ago. Its release is scheduled for next week.

Additions and modifications

  • The bees are no longer angry when a nearby nest/hive is destroyed with a “Silk Touch” tool
  • Addition of 2 new game rules:
    • doTraderSpawning : Prevent or not the Wandering Trader from appearing naturally.
    • doPatrolSpawning : Prevents or not Illageois patrols from appearing naturally.
  • It is now possible to control the brightness of block rendering in the inventory with the “gui_light” option in the block template.
    • If set to “side”, the template will be rendered as a block.
    • If set to “front”, the template will be shaded like an object.
  • Changing honeycomb generation
    • Birch or oak shoots that grow within 2 blocks of a flower, at the same height, have a 5% chance of having a honeycomb.
    • They now have a 2% chance of appearing in flowering forests.
    • They now have a 0.2% chance of appearing in forests, wooded hills, birch forests, tall birch forests, birch hills and tall birch hills.
  • If a player crosses the area of a beacon with an effect, the beacon will no longer remove the player’s effect if it is activated on the same type of effect.


[MC-862] - Spawn protection does not work for frames, panels, and cabinet doors.
[MC-1541] - The beacon effect removes the potion effect of the same type.
MC-51053] - Motorized carts lose power after traveling through corners.
[MC-88038] - Motorized carts flip backwards through corners.
MC-106468] - End crystal beam has incorrect texture on one side.
[MC-150575] - Powdered concrete does not turn into concrete by dropping it beside water.
[MC-153987] - Problem climbing down a ladder wearing elytra.
[MC-165695] - Funnels collecting honeycombs from a honeycomb/hive collect only one comb.
[MC-166312] - The pattern icons in the loom interface are too dark.
[MC-166319] - The letter B in "Open in browser" is lowercase.
[MC-166324] - The letter I in "Raw input" is lower case.
[MC-166722] - Some custom text templates appear dark in the inventory.
[MC-167018] - Pixel misplaced in critical hit particle texture.
[MC-167079] - The texture of the horse's armor is poorly framed...
[MC-167201] - Invisible "shiny" entities don't respect their team's color.
[MC-167219] - Recharging a resource pack enough times will result in an intense lag.
[MC-167220] - Objects on the armor holders no longer shine...
[MC-167235] - The distance from which you can enter a bed is off-center.
[MC-167344] - com.mojang.blaze3d.platform.ClipboardManager creates direct buffer leaks
[MC-167416]- The distance from which a monster will keep you awake is off-center.
[MC-167444] - The "iron_golem_crackiness_*" texture is visible on invisible damaged iron golems.
[MC-167709]- Bees that enter a boat, wagon, or other entity by entering their hive or nest can never leave the hive or nest again.
[MC-168091] - Powdered concrete does not turn into concrete when it falls into deep water.
[MC-168230] - End crystal beam is dark/desaturated.
[MC-168467] - Bees can't remember how many crops they pollinated.
[MC-169157] - Destroying a hive with an obstructed front makes the bees disappear.

Report a bug to Mojang


The first versions of these pre-releases can corrupt your worlds, make sure you always create backups!

How to install the Minecraft pre-release :

  • Launch your Minecraft launcher and in the top tab, click on Configurations.
  • Then check the Snapshot box. This will appear directly as a new profile.
  • Launch the snapshot profile and enjoy the latest news.
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