Dragon Block Super Mod 1.15.2

  • Version 1.6.3
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  • Create Date April 14, 2020

Oh boy where do I even start

Gameplay Improvements:

- Fixed Transformation Glitch when you run out of Ki

- Fixed Quests duplicating

- Changed Exp Requirement Formula

- Added Blocking function (Default: ALT)

- Added Snap Vanish (Attack target while blocking)

- Added Cooldowns to some skills

- Added Ki Clashing

- Added Hover Flight

- Added HP drain to Kaio-Ken

- Fixed Audio bugs/distortion when charging and when using some skills on server side

- Changed how HP regenerates

- Added Ki Skills to some races

- Added Gravity Generator (Hold sprint while around it to use)

- I Probably forgot a few things to list here lol


Quest Updates:

- Added new quest to the saiyan saga to hopefully help those who for some reason could not find Krillin.

- Added Namek Saga

- Added Androids Saga (Missing some parts ex. HBTC, Gohan (yeah i know how did I not put in Gohan))

- Frieza Soldiers Spawn on Namek at night


Quality of Life Changes:

- Added a help menu (some stuff is outdated) opens by pressing (Default: )