Mushroom Quest

Mushroom Quest

Mushroom Quest is a mod that adds various real world mushrooms to Minecraft. The goal is to give back the desire to go on an adventure in order to explore nature and discover in addition to the numerous mushrooms, new structures, new creatures etc..
Presentation of Mushroom Quest

There are exactly 134 mushrooms that you can search and collect. Each mushroom is either common, rare or mythical. All mushrooms are edible and most of them can have medicinal or deadly effects when eaten. Some mushrooms can also be used in recipes or as fuel for an oven for example. You can find these mushrooms by breaking down various organic structures around the world. Here is the list:

  • Willows and oak stumps are found in swamps, dark forests and mixed forests.
  • Birch branches and trunks are found in birch forests.
  • Plains trunks, green rocks and shrumps are found in plains biomes and rarely in forests. (Shrumps have variants of Mushroom Island).
  • Baobabs and acacia stumps are found in tropical biomes, especially in the savanna.
  • Jungle trunks are found in the jungle biome.

As mentioned above, there are many mushrooms and it is still risky to taste every mushroom because of the negative effects they can inflict. To help you, you can make the Mycopedia, a book with information about all mushrooms! It lists the following: Their edibility, location, rarity and use.

Mycopedia Craft:

  • You can use the Growth Meld to grow mushrooms and other plants! By right-clicking on some of the blocks, you will get things.

Growth Meld Craft:

  • Moist Soil: various plants from the mushroom island.
  • Farmland: some decorative plants, and possibly a tree depending on the biome.
  • Log: Depending on the log, there is a chance that it will turn into a trunk or a stump.

This mod also adds a slight expansion to the Mushroom biome! There are new plants, fungi, creatures and structures. The structures are mostly decorative and contain many new building blocks! Versions prior to 3.0 add a lot more to the Mushroom biome, but most have been removed because the author wanted the mod to focus more on the mushroom finding aspect rather than the rebuilding of the Mushroom biome.

  • Author : Ryukusu
  • Minecraft version : 1.16.5
  • Mod version : 3.1
  • Minecraft API : Forge

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