Ancient Worlds Map

Ancient Worlds is a classic Minecraft puzzle/adventure map. The objective is simple: visit each zone in order to activate the four crystals corresponding to the four elements: water, forest, fire, and ice.

To do so, you’ll first need to find equipment by taking on various challenges or simply by buying weapons, armor or potions with coins that can be found in hidden chests. These challenges are diverse, ranging from the labyrinth to the ship race and correspond to 30% of the map, while the puzzles and battles that are also present correspond to 30% of the game respectively. The remaining 10% of the map is made up of easy-to-pass phases.

This great diversity within Ancient World allows several hours of gameplay. This diversity will increase with the difficulty level you reach at the beginning of the adventure. Taking the difficult mode, therefore, means that there are no annotated objectives or even clues. In any case, be aware that the difficulty will remain crescendo, whatever the difficulty mode you choose. Therefore, taking the difficult mode will take you to a really extreme level in the end.

As said before, the crystals are located in different areas, the particularities of which are as follows:

  • Sand Rooms: The Sand Rooms are twenty rooms made of sandstone. Each room is unique. Your goal is to find the treasure room, where there is a special tool you will need during your journey. Pay attention to the puzzles and powerful monsters as well!
  • Ominous Forest | The Ominous Forest is where the crystal of the forest resides. You will need the tool from the Sand Rooms to reach it. Your orientation will be tested when you reach the treetops. Do not fall or get blown up…
  • Desert Depths | The desert depths consist of several lakes and the water temple with the water crystal below the sand chambers. Mighty enemies and difficult paths await you here. Don’t forget also to hold your breath …
  • The snow dome | The snow dome is a dome full of snow ( if I swear). Your navigation skills will be put to the test when you dig it up. You will need something warm to do this. Don’t be surprised by the enemies of the ice here when you search for the ice crystal.
  • The Temple of Trials | The Temple of Trials is the only way to access the magma caves. Many puzzles are waiting for you here.
  • Magma Caverns | The Magma Caverns are where the fire crystal resides and is accessible via the Temple of Trials. The most difficult challenges of the ancient worlds will surely make it harder! Jumping, thinking, fighting, floating, … every skill is tested here one last time.

Ancient World is, therefore, an excellent map to pass the time, but also if you are looking for a challenge with its difficult mode. Simple, classic, this map is certainly not very innovative, but everything that composes it is so well mastered and realized that it becomes excellent. In fact, you’re advised to use the Conquest resource pack and the Sildur shader for an optimal experience.

  • Author : _Noname
  • Minecraft Version: 1.14.4
  • Map Type : Adventure / Puzzle
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