Buzzier Bees Mod 1.15.2

  • Version 1.4
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  • Create Date April 4, 2020

Florist has been rewritten and merged into this mod.
New Beehives, flowers, and flower pots!
- Hibiscus Flowers - new flowers found in the Jungle!
- Hanging Flower Pots & More Pottables
- Most plants are pottable now, and includes some mod compatibility as well!
- Daybloom was renamed to Yellow Hibiscus
- Jolyce was renamed to Dianthus
- Bamboo, Poise, and River Beehives (Poise has temporary texture)
- Hidden Warped and Crimson Beehives (Warped has temporary texture)
- Scented Candles for Atmospheric plants!
- Fixed an issue with Bug Bottle duplication
- Bee Bottles now retain Bee health
- Honey Slime spawn egg colors are fixed
- Honey Slimes can no longer be found
- Crystallized Honey no longer breaks from item entities
- Updated Biomes o' Plenty Beehive assets (Qbert)
- Scented Candles for Upgrade Aquatic plants!

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