Animalium Mod

Animalium 1.16.1/1.15.2/1.14.4

The Animalium Mod is a mod available for Minecraft that introduces a range of new animal-related content to the game. Here is a summary of the information found in the search results provided:

Animalium Mod adds a variety of new animals to the game, including aggressive mobs such as brown bears, wild dogs, rodents, and piranhas. In addition to new animals, the mod also adds new content such as blocks, armor, and special effects.

To use the Animalium Mod in Minecraft, players can download and install the mod from a reputable source. Once the mod is installed, players can explore the changes in gameplay and interface that come with the mod


Piranhas are violent creatures that can be found in oceans, rivers, and swamps. They have a rapid swimming speed and won’t stop chasing players in water. Piranhas may even leap onto land to attack players. If they remain out of water for an extended period, piranhas can die from suffocation. When eliminated, players can collect either raw or cooked fish from their remains if it has been cooked over a fire.

Wild dog:

Wild dogs are ferocious creatures that can be found in all biomes except for the Nether and the End dimensions. They have a high speed which makes it hard for players to escape once they are being chased. These wild dogs usually attack in packs and jump on the player to harm them. Once defeated, players can collect their skins, which can be used to make special boots, Please refer to the items below (crafts) for more information. Under no circumstance should bones be put on fire

Brown Bear:

The brown bear is a formidable predator that can be found in all types of habitats except for the Nether and End dimensions. It’s a massive and hostile creature that will relentlessly pursue and attack players. When defeated, the brown bear can yield either raw or cooked bear meat if it was set on fire. Additionally, players can collect its sharp claws to craft a unique tool called the Bear Claw Paxel.


The rat is a tiny and fierce creature that can be found in every biome, except for the Nether and End dimensions. Although it has a small amount of health and does not cause much harm individually, the rat can be quite dangerous in groups. Rats are known to attack only during the night or in areas with low light. They have a deceptive tactic of biting you when you’re holding something in your hand at a 1:1 ratio. Each strike has a 10:1 chance of success. The items left behind by slain rats persist and can be retrieved. Eliminating a rat can yield either fresh or cooked rat meat, assuming it has been subjected to heat

Download Animalium Mod

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Animalium Mod for 29, 2020Download page
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Animalium Mod for 12, 2020Download page
Animalium Mod for 17, 2018Download page
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