Aquaculture 2 Mod

Aquaculture 2 Mod for Minecraft as its name suggests is designed to enhance the aquaculture aspect of the game. The mod introduces new elements to the game that enhance the player’s fishing experience, as well as a new type of fish that can be obtained from different biomes.

Each biome type – even modded biomes – have brand-new kinds of fish that’ll spruce up your fishing experience and your world with fish mobs swimming around in rivers, ponds and the ocean! The fish captured can be developed into fish fillets, the number of fish fillets will depend on the fish (Or weight, if the config alternative is enabled). In addition, you can get glossy brand-new loot while fishing!

More documentation can be found in our wiki

Download Aquaculture 2 Mod

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Aquaculture 2 Mod for 24, 2020Download page
Aquaculture 2 Mod for 26, 2020Download page
Aquaculture 2 Mod for 25, 2020Download page
Aquaculture 2 Mod for 12, 2020Download page
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