Bytecraft [Texture Pack]

Bytecraft Texture Pack is a simple 8×8 package that helps reduce the lag. A simple 8×8 package that helps reduce the lag. Great for those who use Redstone or PVP often.
Simplifies many complex models such as hoppers, vines, falling objects, and fire to name a few.

I see that most 8×8 packages often follow the same theme, well done, almost like the popular but it wasn’t really my style, so I made this pack more semi-realistic.

It’s still in development and I plan to update it from time to time.

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Download Bytecraft [Texture Pack]

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Bytecraft [Texture Pack] for 1.16-SnapshotBytecraftv3March 30, 2020Download page
Bytecraft [Texture Pack] for 1.14.x-1.15.xBytecraftv3March 30, 2020Download page
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