Evaluation Time [Map]

There are many cards that can test your logic, parkour or combat skills. Yet it’s rare to see a map that can easily bring together all types of Minecraft maps into one without favoring one type more than the others. So TrollMaster133 decided to create Evaluation Time, with the goal of evaluating your skills in every area of Minecraft.

What better way to do that than by using the mechanics of the latest version of Minecraft, 1.15.2, including the famous Honey Blocks to shape the Honey Parkours that have been so much talked about in the community. So in a total of 18 tests, your parkour, puzzle, accuracy, PVE and sliding skills will be tested for about 2 hours. It will even take you longer if you want to complete Evaluation Time at 100%, as there are also 72 emeralds and 18 diamonds hidden around the various evaluation rooms.

As for the rest, TrollMaster133 manages to integrate several interesting mechanics allowing the gameplay to renew itself, such as the addition of custom enemies/obstacles or interactions of all kinds. Examples include the ability to push blocks during puzzles or the creation of platforms using your bow.

The difficulty is also there, remember, it is still a final test of your skills. This is also why it is always possible to return to the main hub if you can’t pass one of the tests present. Also, the constructions are very simple and have a minimalist theme that fits perfectly with this kind of map.

So it’s your duty to test your skills if you think you’ve mastered all areas of Minecraft to perfection. Be careful though, Evaluation Time is far from being easy, but feel free to try your luck by downloading the map …

  • Author: TrollMaster133
  • Minecraft Version: 1.15.2
  • Map Type : Varied (Parkour, Puzzle, PVE…)

Download Evaluation Time [Map]

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Evaluation Time [Map] for 1.15.2February 14, 2020Download page
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