Tantum Map

For some time now, escape games have become increasingly popular. First because they place their players in an immersive and deeply stressful environment, because they are closed and subject to a timer, but also because they appeal to their sense of teamwork and make them think.

This singular environment is transposed, in a way, in Minecraft by Tantum. This adventure map from Znium offers two different and fully scripted situations, where the objective is limited to answering a question.

The enclosed space that serves as your playground in Tantum is not as claustrophobic as a real escape game. That said, the 50x50x50 block cube in which you will be immersed limits somewhat the range of your movements. It’s up to you to take advantage of this limited space to find the answer to your question.

Tantum offers you no less than 4 maps, for as many scenarios.

Author : Znium
Minecraft version : 1.16
Type of Map : reflection

Download Tantum Map

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Tantum Map for 1.16.5May 4, 2021Download page
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