Ferret Mod

This mod is for 1.12.2, And as with most of my mods; is designed along a pre-1.13 style,
Via this it will Not be updated past 1.12.2, Do Not Ask
But feel free to remake the mod yourself for a later version Yourself if you want,
just give Major credit if you reuse the model ‘n such. Otherwise Don’t

  • Animated Texture of the Ferret Item
  • This mod adds Ferrets to minecraft.

They are modelled after a Ferret owned by a person I was in a Discord VC with,
And are rather cute – Consistent to the pre-1.13 style.

The Ferrets include the following features…

  • AI similar to Dogs
  • Fast and Playful behaviour
  • A tendency to Jump on things
  • Custom Floppy Dynamic Animations
  • Capable of being Tamed with a Bone similar to a dog, and be your companion
  • Able to be Sat Down with Rightclick,
  • Pack AI…
  • naturally spawning in Plains, Forests and such.


Download Ferret Mod

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