Imperial Odyssey Texture Pack

Between realism and visual beauty, Imperial Odyssey (1.13 – 1.16) stands out from other Resource Packs with its 3D textures, making the game more pleasing to the eye.

With a 32x resolution, Imperial Odyssey immerses the player in a completely different world of what Minecraft naturally gives. Indeed, its 3D effects and unique entity models make this Resource Pack unique! As you can imagine, the main feature of this Resource Pack is its realistic look and feel.

What’s more, Imperial Odyssey offers many features exclusive to Optifine. These can be custom light settings, custom animations, all to make the game less boring. To give you an example, this Resource Pack provides 32 clay textures, all different from each other.

In addition, Imperial Odyssey adds a whole new atmosphere to Minecraft: it makes the game more unique and does things that Minecraft’s default textures couldn’t do. So the game is made a little more complex. Imperial Odyssey retains the overall simplicity of Minecraft, but adds shape and design to the game’s resources.

Do You need Optifine for the Imperial Odyssey?

No! Although many features are only available with Optifine, Imperial Odyssey ensures that the game works for Vanilla players as well. You may not see any custom entities or skyboxes, but the multiple textures and 3D block still work the same.

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Download Imperial Odyssey Texture Pack

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Imperial Odyssey Texture Pack for 1.13 - 24, 2020Download page
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