JavaDungeons Mod

JavaDungeons is a mod still in development created by j0shi_boi. If the name reminds you of Minecraft Dungeons, that’s fine. This mod that works with the Fabric API adds new blocks of decorations that come straight from Minecraft Dungeons and integrates them in the Java version.

Currently, JavaDungeons is mainly intended for Minecraft’s creative building mode, as it has not yet developed all the recipes for the blocks. But don’t worry, this will happen soon. Its long term goal is to add all the objects, blocks, and decorations that are not similar to those in Minecraft Vanilla. Finally, he also plans to add new creatures and many weapons.

Having no talent in construction, you will find below some images that the author has provided. For information, if you wish to have a similar rendering for your next game sessions, he used the famous Chocapic’s13 V8 shaders to get a rendering of this quality. The result is just amazing and really makes us feel like we’re in Minecraft Dungeons.


  • Author: j0shi_boi
  • Minecraft Version: 1.16 – 1.15.2
  • Version of the mod : 1.1.7

Download JavaDungeons Mod

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
JavaDungeons Mod for 1.16-Snapshot1.1.8+20w20bMay 17, 2020Download page
JavaDungeons Mod for 17, 2020Download page
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