Minecraft 1.16 : Snapshot 20w11a

In this snapshot, you can be on your funny way through the beautiful sand shower valleys with your freshly enchanted boots. It’s a little scary to be fair, so these boots will help you with this part…

Before we dive into this snapshot, let’s talk about Redstone…

Redstone is one of the coolest things about Minecraft, and many of you are members of communities that focus on creating mind-blowing redstone jewelry, farms, computers and 256×256 piston doors.

Currently, many of Redstone’s behavior is categorized as “undefined”. This is when block behavior is not the result of intentional code, but is a side effect of unrecorded edges or quirks in-game code.

We know that many players see undefined behavior as a very interesting aspect of Redstone, and we like to experiment with undefined behavior and use it to create unique inventions that can be shared with the rest of the community.

However, the quirks of undefined behavior can be quite amazing – even when building simple figures. This whimsy can be a negative experience for players who have just switched to Redstone, and can distract them from this very unique and exciting aspect of Minecraft as well as the huge Redstone community behind it.

Our goal is to bring all the components of Redstone to a level of quality that we are happy with, and we will make adjustments where it makes the most sense to work with Redstone in the future.

Any changes we make will be reported in the changelog and, as always, we will read your feedback and comments. If you have any immediate feedback about Redstone, please write to the site for feedback.

New features in 20w11a

  • Added charm Speed of the Soul
  • Added hanging vines that grow upwards.
  • Golden tiny ore can now be found in a niche – it’s like gold ore, but more tiny.

The speed of the soul

Never suffer again as you sneak through the valleys of the Sand of the Soul – the Speed of the Soul has covered you.

  • Clean the boots of your choice with this heartbreaking charm for a faster ride through the valleys of Soul Sand and Soul Soil!
  • But there’s a downside to it: spells will slowly destroy your boots with each block of Soul Sand you walk on.
  • Can only be obtained by bartering with these pesky Piglets.

Changes to 20w11a.

  • Bone meal can now be used to grow kelp, weeping vines and curling vines.
  • The locks are now suitable tools for hay, target, dried laminar blocks, skewer lamps, bottom warts and deformed warts blocks.
  • Doors, rails, buttons, pressure plates, red stone and much more can now be placed on showers and full layers of snow cover.
  • The sand of the soul with the rail on top will no longer slow down the mini trolleys.
  • TNT and bonfires will now light up when any burning projectile hits.
  • Blocks of bells will now ring when any projectile hits them.

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