Minecraft 1.16 : Snapshot 20w12a

The seventh snapshot of the Nether Update is now available in your launchers. It adds new blocks, makes several gameplay and technical changes, and fixes many bugs.

What’s new in Minecraft Java Edition 1.16, snapshot 20w12a.

  • Added a rebirth anchor that allows you to set a rebirth point in Nezera. Use a light bulb to set up to four charges. Charges are spent every time you revive.
  • Added polished basalt!
  • Exposure to bone meal on distorted and purple nilias will allow you to grow strange new plants.
  • Hoes are now perfectly suited to producing wet and dry sponges.
  • The piglions have learned some new acrobatic tricks when riding on small hoglins.
  • Treasures can only be caught in open water while fishing.
  • The distance by which bees can move away from their nest during aimless flights has been reduced to 22 blocks.
  • Parrots will be less likely to simulate hostile mobiles.
  • Parrots will no longer scare players with random hostile mobiles when the game is in peaceful mode.
  • New algorithm for determining the mood for the sounds of the cave.
  • Command spawnpoint can now be executed in any dimension.
  • Other technical changes.

Bug fixes.

  • Fixed 61 errors, among which the following can be noted:
  • The pathfinding algorithm preferred to go north.
  • Duplication of objects with loaded donkeys, mules and llamas.
  • Fireworks fired from a crossbow did not explode when hitting a hard block.
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