Nautilus Pack 3D Texture Pack

Nautilus Pack 3D aims to give 3D textures to a Minecraft of which it keeps the main features. But contrary to the packs that have already taken this path before, this creation of Playtrix relies on a more discreet 3D, but of which it multiplies the possibilities.

In terms of textures, Nautilus 3D Pack takes up the essence of the basic game. From this point of view, therefore, few changes in sight. The most emblematic blocks such as stone, wood and grass are intact. At the same time, the appearance of the more secondary blocks is more elaborate and complex.

The real highlight of the pack is the decorative blocks. They benefit from subtle 3D textures, which give them relief without distorting the game. The aim is to reinforce the aestheticism of the game and to diversify the blocks available for decoration. To this end, Nautilus Pack 3D relies heavily on alternative textures and offers several million different textures for libraries.

How to Шnstall Nautilus Pack 3D Texture Pack:

  • Download the file and copy to .minecraft/resourcepacks
  • In the game settings, find “Resource Packs” and select this package.


  • Author : Playtrix
  • Minecraft Version: 1.15
  • Resolution: 16 x 16

Download Nautilus Pack 3D Texture Pack

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Nautilus Pack 3D Texture Pack for 1.15April 5, 2020Download page
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